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Getting Married?
classes are scheduled
through Deacon Mike
Babcock at 412-884-7744
x206. Call the rectory office
or Deacon Mike to register or
for more information.
Neighboring Parish Masses
Saturday Vigil:
St. Albert the Great: 4:00 pm
St. Wendelin: 8:00 am
St. Norbert: 9:00 am
St. Albert: 11:30 am
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St. Wendelin: 8:00 am
Mon. Wed., Fri.
St. Albert: 9:00 am
Mon., Wed., Fri.
St. Norbert: 9:00 am
Tues., Thurs., Sat.
The Authority of Compassion
- Henri J. M. Nouwen
Please remember members of our
parishes who are in nursing
homes, the homebound, the sick
and their caregivers in your
May God's mercy shine on them.

Mostly we think of people with great authority as higher
up, far away, hard to reach. But spiritual authority comes
from compassion and emerges from deep inner
solidarity with those who are “subject” to authority. The
one who is fully like us, who deeply understands our joys
and pains or hopes and desires, and who is willing and
able to walk with us, that is the one to whom we gladly
give authority and whose “subjects” we are willing to be.

It is the compassionate authority that empowers,
encourages, calls forth hidden gifts, and enables great
things to happen. True spiritual authorities are located in
the point of an upside-down triangle, supporting and
holding into the light everyone they offer their leadership

St. Basil Parish offers diocesan
approved Pre-Cana classes for
couples preparing for marriage. Our
next program is scheduled for
September of 2016. Date
TBD....The donation is $60 per
couple. Please call the parish office
at (412)884-7744 to register or for
more information.